Kristina Sergeeva (1996) was born in St. Petersburg, Russia. She graduated from the Academy of Art and Documentary Photography   «Fotografika» in 2019. Her artistic practice unfolds around experimental photography techniques, photobooks and collages. Her research addresses topics such as personal and collective memory, visual perception of the environment and its impact on the individual. Kristina is the founder and organizer of NIZINA FEST, works and teaches at the Fotografika Academy. Kristina is currently based in Shymkent, Kazakhstan.



2020-2021 — «General line» with Jana Romanova

2020 — Workshop with Oleg Klimov, Kaliningrad region

2017-2019 — Fotografika Academy of Documentary Photography, Saint-Petersburg 

Group exhibitions:

2021 — 100 Best Photography Books in Central and Eastern Europe 2000–2020 within a MOP Bratislava 2021, How Sasha Litvinov buried the gun, photobook

2021 —  «New Talents», Belgrade Photo Month Festival, Belgrade, How Sasha Litvinov buried the gun

2021 — «Home», The first avant-garde Festival, Ivanov, How Sasha Litvinov buried the gun

2020 — «Photobook and zine: Draft», Winzavod, Moscow, How Sasha Litvinov buried the gun, photobook

2019 — Diploma exhibition, Fotografika gallery, Saint-Petersburg, How Sasha Litvinov buried the gun, photobook

2019 — «One», Fotografika Gallery, Saint-Petersburg

2019 — Young Russian Photocontest, Kaluga

2018 — Participation in the project «Mirror», New Media Lab, Saint-Petersburg


2022 — 86 Logic Issue 7, Beforse Sunrise

2022 — Kitchen Table Quarterly Issue 02, Beforse Sunrise

2022 — London Photo Festival, Dramatic, How Sasha Litvinov buried the gun

2022 — Black River Issue 02, Before Sunrise   

2021 — Superpresent Volume 2, Issue 1, Before Sunrise 

2021 — 2nd International Photography Biennale «Visual Expressions of Details», Shunya 

2021 — Grandmama's Print Magazine Issue 02, written essay and photo from project «How Sasha Litvinov buried the gun»

2021 — One’s To Watch 2021: Community Part 1, British Journal of Photography, portfolio

2021 — Tied To Light Collective, Before Sunrise

2021 — Grandmama's Print, How Sasha Litvinov buried the gun

2021 — Outlast Journal, Before Sunrise

2021 — Discarded Magazine, Shunya

2021 — Fotonica diary, Before Sunrise


2020 — 12TH ANNIVERSARY GROUP EXHIBITION, , Fraction magazine 

2019 — Unknown Gallery, Publication

2019 — LoosenArt, Isolation 

2019 — F-stop magazine, Animals

2019 — F-stop magazine, Alternative Portrait 

Awards & Grants

2020 — Talent Of The Year 2020 — Nominee, International Photography Grant 

2020 — One of three winners BGD Photo Month

The Book «How Sasha Litvinov buried the gun» is in collection:

Garage Museum of Contemporary Art
Yumi Goto
Raphael Deberdt
Artphilein Library