«Shunya» is an ongoing project describing quest for the emptiness and contradictions of this phenomenon. Inability to observe the world in its wholeness in the era of digital noise leads humanity to the feelings of total anxiety, constant fear and emptiness.My project captures the moment of consciousness observation and at the same inability of this observation.

I wanted to see stillness, eternity, to cover at one glance the circulating time stream and to stop neurotic movement forward. By interpreting common things I liked to indulge into the state of existential documentation of all that’s happening.

I didn’t feel united with the reality around me. I felt like I was loosing aspiration for absolute and my personality was dissolving. Only in stillness and void I could reboot my consciousness.

Term «shunya» (empty, void, zero) is relative. For someone it means nothing, for others — eternal beginning. All the attempts to give this term different definitions contradict each other. Emptiness can be called not «empty» neither «not empty». However complete neglection is impossible. 

Aside feeling related to this clear and simple from the first sigh word I got interested in its contradictions from the cognitive science, linguistic and scientific points ot view. The work I got for today is the first attempt to conceptualize and visualise my personal attitude towards this term. This is the first chapter of a long research.